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What I Want to be Remembered for When I Die (egotistical) November 14, 2011

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At this point in life, I have absolutely no idea what I want to be. I am fully aware that I will be going off to college in 2 years but I am still clueless about what I would spend the rest of my life doing. Whatever it is that I end up being committed to, I want to be recognized for it. Later on in life, after I’ve finished living my share of years, I want to be remembered for being accomplished at my job and through that, changing the world.

As of now, I am only an average student among millions of other fellow pupils. If I were to die today, it would be quite unfitting to say at my funeral that I left a lasting legacy on the history of mankind. Honestly, it would be difficult for me to be remembered for anything at all.  Still, there would be those remembering me as a great friend, loving daughter, or hard working student.

However, you’ve got to admit, those characteristics are plain boring. Any decent person can get described by those traits. When I die, I want to be remembered for something big. I do not know exactly how I am to go about achieving this big thing that’s supposed to change the world, but I do have a few ideas of what they might be. Some great ideas I have in mind are along the lines of finding a cure for cancer, revolutionizing the fashion industry, finding a way to stop hunger and starvation, coming up with a solution to global warming, or uniting North and South Korea once and for all.

Of course, living on in people’s memories is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Being missed by your loved ones and friends even after death, goes to show that you’ve been loved and that you’ve lived a life that you should be proud of. However, it’s not only in memories that I want my death to leave a mark on. I want to brand my name in history textbooks and newspaper articles. I want a whole Wikipedia page written about me and my achievements and hard-lived life. I want 100,000,000 results to pop up when ‘Gloria Yoon’ is Googled. I want a holiday on the day of my birthday to commemorate my life and legacy.

When I die, I want to be remembered for changing the world. You only get one chance at life, and it takes a whole lot of diligence to get it right. After giving all for this life that I’m living, I want my efforts to be recognized and celebrated. It would be a horrible waste of a life if all the tears and sweat that put into living were buried, along with my death. This seems all very vain and ambitious of me, but I want to live a life that is remembered, because I know that I’ve given my best for every moment of it.


This is Who I Am (egotistical)

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I am just another girl among millions and millions of others. Many times, I doubt my purpose of being here and feel utterly insignificant and unneeded. However, there are still other times when I realize that there is no single person in this vast, immeasurable universe who is just like me. There are small, little things put together to make me who I am.

One important thing that shapes me is my nationality. Influenced by my patriotic parents, I am a proud citizen of Korea. I grew up listening to my dad tell me about our proud history and achievements. Even as a child, my ears perked up at the sound of my country’s name and felt comfort at the melody of our anthem. This part of me that loves my country influences my actions so that they reflect my pride for my land.

Next to my pride is just uncertainty and anxiety. I worry plenty about what others think of me and what impressions I leave on them. Many choices I make aren’t made because they are what I want. They are done to ensure that I won’t make a negative impression of myself to anyone. There are many things I dream of doing but I am held back by my lack of confidence. Who I am is parts of what others expect me to be.

All at the same time, I am a very lighthearted, carefree character. Nothing really bothers me. When there are problems, I don’t worry because I know that they will be solved one way or another. I don’t like to think about things too much. Thinking and debating brings a migraine. As a result I make many premature decisions which often times put me in trouble.

The three adjectives mentioned above seem to be contradictory and disagreeing. However, it’s the unique jumble of things thrown in and blended together that makes me the one and only Gloria Sok Young Yoon that’s ever existed in the history of the universe.